What is Temporary Hit Points?


May 13, 2010 by Jeff

Temporary Hit Points is a term used in role-playing games, specifically the 3rd and 4th editions of Dungeons and Dragons. Some abilities in the game grant characters these temporary hit points that are in addition to their normal hit points.

But beyond that, and more importantly, Temporary Hit Points is the name of this, Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition focused blog. Many blogs give advice for D&D 4e DMs. Many give advice for DMs and Players. And many just talk about whatever the heck they want to talk about that’s important in their world. And those blogs are awesome! This blog is not doing those things. This blog is all about giving advice to players.

The content should stay very focused on this idea of advice for a 4th edition D&D player. What sort of player advice? Improving role-playing, developing cool character ideas, picking out some cool power or item selection, who knows where else we may go.

Here are my goals for the blog:

1. Weekly postings. They may be longer and detailed, or the may be short and to the point, but it is my goal that they happen once a week  on Mondays, like clockwork.

2. Focused player advice. I’m going to work hard to not cross the lines. That said, there are some areas where there might be some over lap. For example, providing ideas for new magic items. I will approach it from the perspective of the player, but it could also be useful for DMs, who knows.

3. Collaboration. It is my goal to bring in guest-writers for this thing. It will be me (Jeff Greiner) on a regular basis, but I’d like guests to join in and write thigns for the blog as well. Sometimes regularly, sometimes just for a one-shot, who knows.

4. Not a rehash of old advice. I also produce a podcast, The Tome Show, wherein we regularly give advice. It is not my goal to just rehash advice that we’ve talked about there. That said, there could be places where topics run parallel. Perhaps a bit of advice is mentioned in The Tome Show, I might choose to elaborate on that here, but I won’t just type up a transcript of something we did there and provide the text here. They are wholly unique and original content on each site.

Well, that’s my thoughts for this blog. It’s likely to be work in progress for a while as I settle into the new project.

Please share what sort of player advice should we discuss first?

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7 thoughts on “What is Temporary Hit Points?

  1. KatoKatonian says:

    Looking forward to checking it out!

  2. Wes says:

    This is great. As I’ve just stepped down from being a DM and am finally getting a chance to participate as a player, I was wondering when I would find a site just like this one. Looking forward to all you insights in the future!

  3. awmyhr says:

    Congrats on the new site launch, sorry it took so long to drop a note. Looking forward to it!

  4. FFoCaG Victor says:

    Nice Site!!

  5. Juan Pablo says:

    Congratulations on the new blog! I know I’m a bit late here, but …

    > Please share what sort of player advice should we discuss first?

    Party building would be nice!

  6. Party Building. Very good. I’ll put the call out to the community and see if some people have some stories to tell and/or some advice to give. I could even see a Feature series on that when there’s an opening in the schedule.

  7. Rhamsey says:

    Looking forward to more stuff on the site.

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