Expectations and Organized Play


February 5, 2011 by Jeff

Okay, so the January Poll of the Month is over (if a bit late, sorry about that guys). So last month’s poll dealt with what you guys were excited to see in 2011 in terms of new products and the results are in…

As I suppose it should be from an audience for a website focused on 4e D&D players, the number one thing people were looking forward to was Heroes of Shadow. It’s pretty much the only new player-focused book we have in the works at the moment, so that’s a natural choice.

Fortune Cards (the other real player-focused product on the list, and cheapest), however, scored pretty low in 5th place out of seven, just beating out “other” by one vote. This doesn’t bode well for the new product experiment that Wizards of the Coast is testing out, but we’ll have to wait and see, perhaps with them being integrated into the next Encounters season people will try them out and discover they like them. Personally, I don’t play Encounters and don’t have much interest in them for my home campaign, but I’ll probably pick some out to test out before I fully judge the concept.

The next area worth noting is where I get to disappoint people who haven’t heard the news yet. Ravenloft, which took second place in the poll, has been delayed and is now not supposed to see release at all in 2011 and is instead currently slated for “sometime in 2012”. So you guys can vote for it again next year, I guess.

Shadowfell was the next big winner, which on one hand is odd since it’s a DM-focused product, but I suspect that people are looking forward to having all the fluff for that setting and possible options for it for their PCs (plus I have my sneaking suspicion that not everyone reading this site is primarily a D&D player, there may be some DMs amongst us, it’s okay, you can stick around…I guess).

The Wrath of Ashardalon sits right in the middle of the poll and the Abyssal Plague event (that they were somewhat excited about at GenCon last year and implied was going to be awesomely cool) is trailing dead (and I mean DEAD) last with only one vote. I suspect that that is because people don’t think it’s really going to be as cool as WotC thinks it is (or at least said it would be) or (and just as likely) they haven’t told us jack-squat about it other than it’s going to be some novel crossovers (and if that’s it see the first option) and so the lack of information has directly translated into a lack of interest.

As for the “Others” worth noting, there are apparently some Pathfinder fans reading the site. First, welcome. Second, yeah, I look forward to more Pathfinder awesomeness too (even if it’s not the focus for this site). We also have some people looking forward to more D&DInsider content (or improvements to it…also good news on that recently about the magazines being controlled by the normal design and development team). A few people sadly said that they thought there was nothing particularly exciting to look forward to this year (I feel you and empathize). And lastly, someone seemed to be looking forward to the “sad death of D” (and I assume the rest of it was going to be “&D” but it got cut off).


The final tally was as follows:

Heroes of Shadow – 29% (32 votes)

Ravenloft – 25% (28)

The Shadowfell – 23% (25)

Wrath of Ashardalon – 9% (10)

Fortune Cards – 7% (8) Other – 6% (7)

Abyssal Plague – 1% (1)

February Poll of the Month

Now it’s time for the February Poll of the Month. At D&D Experience a few weeks back WotC announced an intention to have fewer product releases of higher quality and that they would target their releases to coincide with each new season of the Encounters organized play program that has seen significantly more success than they originally anticipated. So I’m curious just how many people are involved in organized play and which ones. So there’s your Poll of the Month question, check it out below or on the front page.

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2 thoughts on “Expectations and Organized Play

  1. Alphastream says:

    I would be curious how Ashes of Athas would rank, given it is convention only.

  2. Syrsuro says:

    Where is the poll option for “I used to play LFR but I quit because (despite still liking 4E as a system) LFR takes the flaws of 4E and magnifies them to the point where they dominate play”?


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