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September 7, 2011 by Jeff

Recently someone was running around the internet asking the question, “Hey, where can I find a cheat sheet for players? Something to help someone new to the game or even new to a class?”

My answer was, huh…no where that I know of, but there should be something like that. The DM has the tables on the inside of the DM screen and some great resources and sheets from Sly Flourish…there should be something for players too!

So we put some things together!

The idea is to provide a single page to summarize rules and minimize the amount of time you might have to spend at the table looking things up in books or on the online Compendium. Sometimes they might also help you better understand your options as well, which is good for everyone.

Here we are giving you the first two sheets, which I call “General” and “Skills”. Which we suspect are the most useful of any cheat sheets we could provide.

That said, the plan for the future is to give you cheat sheets for specific classes/builds. Some need it more than others and we certainly can’t have played every class to know which ones need a cheat sheet more than others.

So here’s the short of it! Enjoy the first two sheets. We have a class sheet in the works to give an example of how it can work. But we want you to tell us which classes/builds need cheat sheets the most. Also, let us know if there is anything in the current sheets that could be better. These are living documents (they’d have to be with all the errata, right?) and we’re willing to improve them.

If you want to take it another step further and you want to actually work on a cheat sheet to provide, say the word. It’s an easy way to contribute and if we don’t get some help it’s unlikely that we’ll finish all the classes before the next edition is announced.

For now Temporary Hit Points presents you with:

General D&D Cheat Sheet

D&D Skills Cheat Sheet

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10 thoughts on “Need Help? CHEAT!

  1. Great idea, I love this; looking forward to see how you go in the future with it (if you need help, I’m up for it). My one suggestion would be give a page reference in the Rules Compendium or PHBs/Hot[] books, so that if anyone needs to reference it they may.

  2. Jeff Dougan says:

    I think that the “marked” condition needs to be thrown in someplace: “You take a -2 penalty to attack rolls if you don’t include the creature marking you. You may also be subject to an additional attack or condition, depending on the monster.”

    As for classes: Thinking about things in publication order, I think that from PHB1 the classes most in need of “cheat sheets” are Wizard, Warlock, Paladin, Fighter, in no particular order — Wizard because of spellbook & arcane implement features, Warlock because of pact boons, Paladin & Fighter because of marks. I will refrain from the snarky version of a Ranger cheat sheet.

  3. QuackTape says:

    I like the concept and think its a great idea for new players. Some feedback:

    -Using keywords in descriptions might be good to help players out so that they recognize the lingo. For example, Restrained could be “you are Immobilized, Grant Combat Advantage, and take a -2 to Attack Rolls.”

    -With dazed, I think it’d be helpful if you clarified that you get one Standard Action only.

    -I know its basic, but mentioning in Rules “You get a Standard, Move, and Minor action on your turn. They can be downgraded as such Standard->Move->Minor” is something that would be good to have since I get asked that a lot around the table at Encounters.

    -Death and Dying might be worth its own little section. The way its worded now is concise but confusing. Keeping it in Rules, you could add that you get one save on your turn, 1-9 is a strike, 3 strikes in an encounter and you’re dead.

    -I agree about adding Marked condition since its a biggy. Perhaps also adding Difficult Terrain since you reference it later and its a common feature. I’m not sure if I really think this, but adding Forced Movement might also good, not sure if its necessary though for beginners.

    -In Move Actions, mentioning Standing Up from Prone is another common Move. For the Escape action, you also get to shift one square on a success.

    -For Standards I really like how you put Aid Another there since I feel players often forget that option.

    -For Aid Another in skills the difficulty is 10 + 1/2 the targets level (which may not make a difference in home games, but in Encounters it can).

    -For Bull Rush, you can attack a creature one size larger than you, and you also need to shift into the square the target vacates after the shift.

    All in all an excellent job! I enjoy how its on two sheets so it could be printed double sided for beginning players. I will definitely keep a few of them on hand at my Encounters and Lair Assault games as quick references for players!

    • QuackTape says:

      Also, as Fedora.Pirate said I’d be happy to help out with these in the future! I’m big into accessibility in gaming and these could be a huge help with that.

  4. QuackTape says:

    Another suggestions (I seem to be spamming this thread!) for a “Cheat Sheet” of sorts would be an “Anatomy of a Character Sheet” and an “Anatomy of a Power Card” for quick reference. These are not as useful for things like Encounter’s pre-gens, but for a first character sheet could be quite useful!

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  7. Ben says:

    Bravo. Very helpful. Thanks for posting. Good stuff for newbies, especially. We only game once a month so I forget the basics once in a while…thus, good for the DM too:)

  8. Generic Fighter says:

    Cool Idea! I think a Blank/Template one should be next. so that a Player can fill it out with Things specific to their PC until we get one for the exact Class/Race/Theme/Whatever they are playing. As the DM of a Mid-Paragon Campaign I have found that my Players miss important Traits and feat Modifiers, especially conditional ones! For Example, the Bards Player has forgotten to give out his “Virtue of Valor” Temp. HP more times than I can count! Also, once you get to the more Specific ones putting a Blank space for PC Specific items, such as Attack/Damage Modifiers, or Feat/s that change or improve it. Finally triggers for common things that it does on others turns are a something to make sure are on them, too.

    On another note, I would love to do a couple on my current PCs build-types. In fact, i claim Bard and maybe Invoker as mine, If you will have me. Let me know if you do.


  9. Riqita says:

    Esse tials characters might be a good place to start for specific class builds.
    Then do the Players handbook
    Moat people who need a cheat will probably be happy with the sheet only going to level 5 or 10

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