Mistakes made by affiliates mobile apps

Mistakes made by affiliates mobile apps

Affiliate marketing is a common term these days and most of us are under the notion that we can start earning money right from the day one. For those who are just starting with affiliate marketing, having this idea is obvious because that is how it is marketed by some affiliates and merchants.

We tend to try everything that comes our way and miss the important aspects in the hurry to earn money, only to fail in our endeavours. As new affiliate marketers we tend to make mistakes without knowing where we are going wrong with the affiliate marketing programs. In the process, we would end up affecting our possibilities of success in the long term.

While we are trying all the odds to achieve those earnings, there is one very important tool that we need handy to keep track of our commissions. An affiliate marketing tracker from a reputed brand, for instance LeadDyno, is what we need that will not just help us keep a track of the clicks, sales, and commissions in real-time via mobile phone dashboard, but will also help us connect with their large base of affiliates and influencers for increased sales.

Apart from having a solid affiliate tracking software, you must be able to identify the major mistakes that you are making as an affiliate marketer as you start your journey with affiliate marketing. Here are a few of them that can potentially deviate you from the route to success.

  1. “Selling” than “helping

Although it does say the word “marketing” in affiliate marketing, it does not mean that we push the product down the customer’s throat in every single line written in the page. We usually tend to stuff our web pages with links that pushes the audience towards making a purchase, instead of focusing on the benefits of the product and why they should go for it.

What we forget is that our job is not sell and that is instead a job of the merchant page where the affiliate links takes the readers to. Our job is to help the reader understand about the product, and not just make them click the affiliate link to help me earn.

Product reviews are rather helpful for customers that give them an idea whether they should buy the product or not, like the reviews on Amazon. You see those stars and then scroll down to why it got two stars or 4 stars? Those are the kind of stuff that customers usually look for before settling for a product. These are authentic feedback from real buyers who earn no commission for offering their reviews.

The trick is to present the product as an impartial reviewer than a pushy salesman.

  • Joining any affiliate program

Creating multiple streams of income can be an attractive option when you start with affiliate marketing. This is the time when we think, the more about affiliate marketing programs we are associated with, the higher the earnings. But, joining any and every affiliate program can prove to be rather risky as it can become too much for you to handle at one point.

So, make sure that you select your affiliate programs carefully and don’t end up burdening yourself with too much.

  • Not getting into the shoes of the customer

Whenever you sign up for an affiliate program, make sure that you try the product before you offer it to your audience. For instance, if you are promoting a beauty product like a moisturizer, you can try it yourself. Chances are, that it may not be really suitable for oily skin as it claims.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and experience the results after using the product that you just wrote about. This will help you come up with an honest review than forcing it to the customers with all advantages and no disadvantages.

  • Not tracking the numbers

In affiliate marketing, whenever you make a sale, it’s important to know where your sale comes from. This will help you track which of your pages are converting enabling you to expand and scale that promotion.

Get associated with a reputed affiliate tracking tool like LeadDyno and it will not just help you create your own affiliate program, but will also help you keep a track of your conversions in real-time via mobile app.

  • Not comparing products

Comparing two or more products is one of the best ways to help potential customers make quick decisions. Given that customers have a wide choice these days, they are usually confused about which one to buy, for instance, which model of Samsung they should buy, or whether they should buy a Samsung, Apple, or an LG phone?

This is when you can throw in a comparison of two or products from the same or different brands. After some time when you track the conversion for your web page, you will know which products are being liked by the audience and accordingly bring the better performing product to the top of the web page. This can turn extremely profitable for you in the long run.

  • Falling in money trap

While there are people busy promoting their affiliate links with “earn million dollars” tag line, there are also get-rich-quick type articles promoting the affiliate programs or links.

Avoid falling in these traps as these are mostly false claims. Instead, learn the right affiliate marketing techniques, focus more on talking about the benefits of the product or service, and earn credibility.


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