5 Reasons to buy A 3G smartphone

5 Reasons to buy A 3G smartphone

Do you remember the time that we used the 2G edge network with a very slow internet speed, and the only thing you can do is check your email or surf the web that takes minutes to complete? I think that time is passed away and we are no longer need the 2G anymore. It’s the time of 3G or 4G network with faster internet speeds that you can use to watch an HD video as well.

However, the 4G network is not yet popular as 3G and also the price is not good enough to all of us. So the best suggestion for you right now is not to buy 4G smartphone and move your selection to the 3G smartphone.

What is 3G smartphone?

It’s the name of mobile phone that is equipped with 3G hardware, and use it to connect to the internet through carrier network services. With the 3G feature, you are able to surf the web, watch videos, take a picture and send to your friends and many thing mores; with a faster internet speed like a home cable. Here are five reasons why you should buy a 3G smartphone instead of 4G:

  1. It’s cheaper than the latest smartphone with 4G technology, and you can save a lot of money in both of the devices as well as data plans.
  2. The speed of 3G network still good enough for most things like video calls, internet messages as well as watch videos. So, you will not need a higher internet speed service to do these basic tasks.
  3. With the growth of the 4G network, there are a lot of unlimited 3G plans that you can pick and use with low cost.
  4. It’s not much different between 3G and 4G at the moment because you will not see much about it.
  5. You will save a lot of battery life with 3G network because it takes less battery life than the 4G. It will help you stay longer with your device.

So, if you plan to order a 4G smartphone, take a look at my advices here and make your own decision. Or just go ahead to the 4G if money is not your problem. If you looking for an affordable 3G smartphone with lowest price, take a look at this smartphone.

Many people do not use their 3G smartphones in the appropriate way. While it is nice to check what your favorite celebrity is doing on social media, there are far more important things that you can do than play on social media. Saving money is one of these positive things as there are more options than ever to save money especially with the way mobile technology has developed in the past decade. The great ways to use your smartphone to save money on purchases.

Shopping around used to take calling a few stores or even visiting them to see if your item is available. With online shopping it just takes a few swipes of a phone to see the prices and availability of hundreds of stores especially if you visit a shopping aggregation.

It is also important that when you see an item in a store that you check how much the item costs at other stores. This is available online and if you are in a mall then you can visit that store and save money just by checking. Many people do not realize the vast difference in prices that each store has so they do not realize the money that that would save.

There are sites that offer many 3G mobiles in multiple stores. Group on offers these stores that update daily Macy’s nearly every type. Checking for all stores that can be scanned at cash registers while in line can help you save money while waiting. There will be some sites that do not update daily so sifting through coupons that might be expired can be tedious but it is definitely worth it.

3G mobile can lead you to save money as many business’ offer promo hashtags and codes. Just doing a quick check of a company’s 3G mobiles can have you saving money nearly immediately. Not all promotions run at all times but you can get lucky and save on what you were going to buy.

3G Smartphones aren’t just distractions and can be used to save money as well as do positive things like spreading social awareness. Don’t let technology distract you but rather use it to your advantage.


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