Xiaomi MI6 Brand New Cell-Phone

Xiaomi MI6 Brand New Cell-Phone

Technology has paved the ways for mankind in many ways. Cell phones are the most important and an amazing innovation by the world of technologies. This article is basically about Xiaomi. Now have a look on the article below.
Xiaomi mi 6:
Xiaomi is a Chinese company and introducing its new model Xiaomi mi 6 to you. This model had hit the market in April 2017. Consisting of Snapdragon 835 Octa core 2.45 GHz CPU processor, fantastic camera with Eye protection screen and many other factors. It will cost you only 409.99$.

• It contains 5.15inches screen to give you a wide view of your desirable things.
• Comes with 4-curved glass body.
• MIUI operating system is best among the all.
• 6 GB RAM and 64GB ROM is compatible to afford bulk of storage.
• 12 MP rear camera is reliable to take multiple shoots.
• 8 MP front camera is good to take selfies with your mates.
• It has built-in battery of about 3350mAh which is Poly-li large battery.
• Marvelously designed with fingerprint sensor.
• Comes with the capacity to hold 2 SIM cards at a time.
• Purely made with glass and stainless steel material.
• Multi touch feature is designed to please you in a better way.
• Weight is too sturdy to carry which is only 168g.
• Have multiple sensors including gyroscope, acceleration, distance, ambient light, hall and electronic compass.
• Have Eye-Protection screen.
• Comes in multiple colors like black, blue and white.
• Have Bluetooth, GPS and all other essential qualities with marvelous audio quality.
• Non-removable battery is big issue.
• Have no FM Radio as well as SD card slot to enhance the memory.
• Have no infrared as well no weather detector sensors.
Now it is the right time to talk about the well-known Chinese company which is Xiaomi. This is a purely private company and founded by Lei Jun in April 6-2010. This company is good at manufacturing quality smart-phones, computers, tablets, mobile-phones, laptops and smart home devices. It has its headquarters in Haidian District, Beijing China. Here is a list of countries in which this company is serving its best.
• China.
• Hong Kong.
• Taiwan.
• Singapore.
• Malaysia.
• Philippines.
• Ukraine.
• Indonesia.
• Middle East.
• Poland.
• Russia.
• Vietnam.
• Brazil.
• India.
• Mexico.
• South Korea.
The most amazing thing about this company is that it is being rated as a 2nd popular and faster growing company among the 50 companies by MIT technology Review. One more interesting thing about the company is that, it has broken world record by offering discount of 6-April 2015. This discount enables the company to sold bulk of smartphones online in only 24 hours and built a record for Guinness Book of records.
The bottom line:
Everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages and so Xiaomi. Xiaomi is a reliable company. This will give you good and wide range of technology and help you to transfer your life in better ways. We wish you good luck for selecting the amazing brand.


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