Online marketing: Which areas should businesses invest in?

Online marketing: Which areas should businesses invest in?

A recent study carried out by the market research company Zenith has clarified the extent of how much impact the internet has had on our lives. It found that people are likely to spend more time online now than they do watching TV. 2019 is expected to see internet users spending 170.6 minutes per day online and 170.3 minutes sitting in front of their TV set. While this may not seem such a big deal to consumers, for businesses it is a massive shift in dynamics. 

If you are a business owner, the statistics indicate that you need to divert more resources from your marketing budget to online channels. It seems that many advertisers and marketing departments are ahead of the game here with an estimated $60 billion more set aside for online advertising in 2019.

So, how are they going about it? 

Guest blogging

This online marketing/SEO method is very effective. Many companies choose to use a guest blogging service which does all the hard work and produces fabulous results. Being successful with your digital marketing efforts is all about building trust and standing out from the crowd. You need to find a way to make your brand visible and also be one that people feel they can trust. Being as high in the search engine results page as possible is vital and having quality backlinks from guest blogs is an important tool in achieving that. Much can be achieved through guest blogging if you post useful content of high quality that contains a link to your site on respected external industry blogs. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to engage with potential customers online. Simple to use and giving a high ROI, you can even use automated software now to make it easier. Some email marketing campaigns have returned a ROI of 122%! With figures like that, it is definitely worth investing some extra resources into this area. It works so well because those using email often check it many times a day and so are more likely to engage with the marketing material you send them. 

Online advertising and paid search

This is really two different areas, but they are similar in some ways. Both rely on the increased time people are spending online that allows you to market your services to them. Online advertising is available in different forms, using banner ads on other websites being just one example. Paid search relies on targeted ad campaigns being set up for certain keywords or phrases. When someone searches on them, your ad will pop up at the top of the search results to promote more sales. 

More online time will become the norm 

Now that spending time online is set to bypass TV as the main way we all stay entertained, reaching people online is more important for businesses. If you run your own business, this is a trend that you cannot ignore and is something you must devote resources to. Otherwise, you will be left behind as your competitors race ahead with their online social media and marketing campaigns.


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