How Do Chatbots Work

How Do Chatbots Work

Companies such as ConvertoBot offer their clients chatbots to improve the performance of their sites. In the current and future age of artificial intelligence use of chatbots is a powerful element of conversion rate optimization (CRO). 

A chatbot is a conversational interface that is powered by rules or artificial intelligence. A chatbot service could be any of a multitude of things and can exist in any chat product. 

The example of a chatbot service is when a prospective customer visits your site. Under normal circumstances, they would have to search for the item or service they want until they found what they were looking for. It would be even harder if they did not know what they wanted. With the chatbot service, all they have to do is initiate a chat and ask for the item or service they wanted and receive an automatic answer and path to the location. 

Chatbots have grown in popularity alongside the growth of messenger platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Skype. The more they grow, the higher the demand for chatbot services. 

Simple automated conversations which engage customers and also help them solve their problems have distinct advantages. Some of the advantages include reducing overhead costs, gathering customer information and saving time and effort. 

How They Work 

Chatbots use the same technology like voice recognition systems in virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. At the core of the technology is a system called natural language processing (NLP). 

The chatbot will process the text submitted to it by a user and formulate a response. The response is constructed based on a series of algorithms that aim to comprehend and interpret the text; and more crucially, what it means or to what it points. The chatbot then comes up with a relevant response and sends it to the user. 

If the algorithms are well written and designed with the human element at their core, it would be difficult to know the difference between the chatbot and a live agent. If not, it will be very clear that you are not speaking with a human. In such cases, you may program the chatbot to tell users that it is not human.  

Therefore, the better a chatbots’ algorithm is, the higher the chances of site users being converted into customers or subscribers. The use of chatbots will be even more important in the future and the following is why. 

Why Care About Chatbots

So why should you care about a simple text-based service like a chatbot? The reason is that it was recently documented that the use of messaging applications has surpassed the use of social media. 

It has also been shown that humans are more willing to open up if they know they are speaking to a bot. therefore, the use of chatbots increases customers’ willingness to submit information. 

The above facts have enormous implications. 

The people that recognize the importance of chatbots and text-based messaging platforms sooner and act on their revelation will significantly improve the performance and traffic of their websites. 


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